Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Greatest Hits

"There are no problems, only solutions." - John Lennon

There are THREE (3) complaints about me on Ripoff Report.

One of them was an attempt this year (in 2013) to 'cash in' on a business failure of 2010 and the resulting public castigation / successful ruination of my personal name and reputation ... Those were the other two on Ripoff Report.

Then there was this guy who put me and my failed business on vrwd, suggesting I was running a "Ponzi scheme"; and who also (same guy) placed my photo on Ripoff Report, with a snarky little caption saying, "This should say 'WANTED'" ... Dude.  What??

All bets became off when you made those moves, and some others hysterically followed suit:  being prompted to claim I had "disappeared", that I had changed my name and was "operating as" ... that I'd established some elaborate "fraud" network - "Jeff Glovsky is a THIEF and a SKEMER [sic]", scremed emails ... Jeff Glovsky kills babies ... Jeff Glovsky invaded Poland ...


... Sorry, am I "whining" again?  Probably.  Flailing and pissed off (again)?  Absolutely.  Does this post sound "paranoid"?  Am I "in denial"?  Maybe and Nope - though I'm denying the "right" that you felt you had to attack and destroy me personally, publicly ... and permanently.

I bring these black eyes up and point them out now -- these permanent online scarlet letters -- because a) they're out there, and the ones that are still out are not going away.  And b) there are only ("only" - I know, it's a joke!) THREE (3) complaints about me on Ripoff Report, as described above.

This url description:  "jeff glovsky directory of 1498 Complaints & Reviews: Jeff Glovsky ... "

is not accurate.  They did spell my name correctly ... However, "1498" complaints??  Not quite.  A click on the accompanying link will show that there are THREE (3) complaints about me on Ripoff Report.

Now let's say you don't feel the need to click through ... or don't have the time ... and you're searching for "Jeff Glovsky" by name (my personal name ... my reputation) ... Look!  You've 'stumbled upon' Jeff Glovsky on Ripoff Report ... and the description says he's got 1500 complaints about him!!

He must be a "FUCKING CRIMINAL!!!!!"   Says I should "BEWARE JEFF GLOVSKY!" ... Hey, let me weigh in here, though I don't know Jeff.  I'll just contribute a little bit, and call him names too, and try to cause problems ... It says here, Jeff Glovsky's a "scam artist".  I'll bet he's thinking about 'scaming' me!!!!!

Of course, people don't bother to click, and read things in full and contextualize.  One-sided "yelps", emotional "reviews" and malicious, extortionate "ripoff" reports are the order of the internet day.

I became informed too late about what I can do (could have done) to protect myself and fight back legally against personal libel and defamation.  Now I am beyond informed.

And whatever I can do from my small, sad platform here ... my blogosphere soapbox ... I will do, tirelessly, to encourage others to THINK - before they "yelp"and bitch and blame, and name-call, and SCREAMINGLY pound on the keys, then press "Enter".

In the hopefully Happy New Year(s) to come, I urge you to think:  before bullying and becoming irrational.

THINK.  Before destroying potential.

THINK.  Before publicly branding, defaming.


Before anyone else gets hurt.