Monday, June 30, 2014

I Suck(ed)

Over the past year and a half or so, I have battled to bolster my internet search score and, more importantly, my name and online reputation.

I have succeeded in removing from the internet certain unnecessary, certainly unwarranted "warnings" about me personally ... Offensive digs, insulting lies about "Jeff Glovsky", the person (as opposed to the registered, licensed business which the person happened to own once in Miami, Florida, and which failed).

Yet over the past several weeks, I (the person ... the 'real' Jeff Glovsky) have lost ground to a particularly nasty bear of a website ... a disgusting online purgatory, where the abused stand permanently defamed and damaged, having no control whatsoever over libelous, one-sided or downright false information dumped there by angry, aggrieved-feeling, perceived slight sufferers, who might be having a pissy day.

They might also have valid, justifiable complaints ... but once they take their concerns destructively, personally and permanently public, there is, or should be, no further discussion with them.  There is certainly no need for the extortionate "arbitration" offered so generously by our gracious(ly cackling), purgatorial hosts ...

The seeds of damage incited and encouraged to be planted, have already turned to cement and been fanned!

But despite this ground recently lost in my battle -- instead, keeping in line with the overall, more or less V-shaped march of my campaign at large -- one such terrible online dumping ground, another place for the frustrated to attack and call names under the pretense of providing the world with "reviews", is now offline.

The "Vacation Rentals Watchdog" website (vrwd) and its unattended, unmoderated space to trash and malign individuals and businesses, is down.  Hopefully for good.

Good riddance.

I want to believe I had something to do with this, by contacting the legal team of that website's hosting service, and pointing out that the horrible joke of a site was not providing a "consumer service" to anybody at all, but rather, it was quite literally, an unattended, unmoderated space to trash and malign ... and if the contact information provided at the site, as well as the website's registrant, were BOTH unresponsive, then there must be a Terms of Service violation somewhere, regarding compliance.

Apparently, there was.


The Death of Jeff Glovsky