Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Mood

Mixed emotions at the holidays ... I get cheesy when I get to Wisconsin;

to the ever-grey, ice blue winter town I grew up in ... If I had thought, nearly thirty years ago, that this would be my 'homecoming':  riding in on an overnight bus, in a blizzard ...
"Dancing Pines", ©Jeff Glovsky

I might not have bothered to leave in the first place.

Happy, always, to spend time with loved ones and families, and rekindle friendships, renew plans and dreams ... Generally less happy at being halted:  my plans and dreams, and life overall, kept on ice until the middle or end of January.

It's at least until then that the world has its annual slow-down, if not shut-down, imposed upon it.

Pope Francis is everybody's friend this year ... He'd be my friend if he could scale back the celebrated winter holiday period to a distinct and manageable 10 or 12 days (like the song):  from roughly December 22 until January 3, there's Christmas Eve/Day, New Year's Eve/Day, face-stuffing holiday parties, Kwanzaa ... That's more than enough time to be spending with families, rekindling friendships, binge-eating and drinking, and driving snowmobiles!

Do we really need most of the month of January to begin to straggle back to work?  And all of December, to put work off until 'next year' or 'after the holidays'?

Bah, Humbug!

Between developing businesses, hassling with creditors, battling and trying to surmount past failures and prioritizing which promises to keep to loved ones and families -- not to mention those made aware, and part, of my biggest past failure -- my days are literally 25/8, and my year needs to have at least 400 days.

Frustratingly, it doesn't even approach 3-6-5.

Nonetheless, I'm nonplussed.  Keep creating and working, doing, being and living through the imposed slow-downs, if not shut-downs ... That's all I can do to keep sane, keep alive.

When families become not enough, friends flee to enemies and goals and promises remain unmet, I keep trying, to meet them ...

and keep alive.
"Pooped", ©Jeff Glovsky

& Happy Holidays
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