Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Winter Blues

"2% or 1% of 0.2% can always be used to destroy a human being, when there are no barriers, when there is no perspective and no context." - U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
* * *
The other day, someone contacted me to rent an apartment I own.  After going through all of the usual motions -- proving the property is mine to offer, sharing references, sending this person a link with photos ... then agreeing on a monthly price and informing the renter what I'd require to move forward, and move into my property ...

The renter informs me that he "decided to do a quick google search" ... hopes it's some kind of "misunderstanding" ... but "can still not justify moving forward with this transaction".

... There are three (3) posts bearing my name on Ripoff Report.  Since 2010 -- although really, not until I became able to emerge from shell shock in 2013 -- I have fought, and won, to remove damaging items about me online.

About "Jeff Glovsky", personally; not negative "yelps" or scathing "reviews" about my underperforming, badly managed and ultimately failed business nearly five years ago ... but disgusting name-calling, insulting and bullying against my personal reputation ... hobbies, interests, friends and family, loved ones ...

The fallout from these emotional attacks launched in 2010, both publicly (online) and through private, chiding emails to which I would find myself waking each day, and then literally fearing, continued for years ... until enough became far more than enough, and I finally crawled out of my shell-shocked torpor.

This is something that the aborted renter I mentioned, probably doesn't know (not that it would've made any difference to him):  that I've fought, and WON.  To remove -- Delete.  Permanently. -- other nasty, unwarranted, damaging, emotional, false and defamatory misinformation about me from the internet.

Why?  Because it wasn't a full picture and/or wasn't accurate - and nobody has unfettered "freedom of speech":  to attack or defame, and destroy my name, or anyone's name online because they can ... or especially, believe they "should".

But what's still out there about me online -- and still alarming to potential renters, colleagues, friends and partners ... disarming potential -- is also inaccurate; the statements which still publicly fester, contributing still to permanent damage and loss of income and opportunity (not to mention respect) ... are lopsided, if not wholly false.

Doesn't matter ... The three (3) complaints about me on Ripoff Report remain, and they remain visible.

So the abortion I mentioned ... the failed renter ... informed me the other day he wasn't renting my apartment.  "Not a problem," I chirped cheerily.  "Hope you find what you're looking for!"

He then proceeded -- seriously.  Because I asked him, "Are you joking?"

"Not in the slightest," he chirped to me, cheerily --

then proceeded to suggest that I let him stay in my apartment free for a couple of months -- "plus some cash", he offered grandly -- in exchange for his help with "online reputation management".

"We offer a guarantee on this service as we use lawyers and legal documentation to have the result removed from google," he babbled.  "If you are interested in the proposition I can send you some case studies."

If not for the risible opportunism (and rank inappropriateness) ... the guy's earnest cluelessness ... the assumption and presumptions he'd made, with his mind up:  case closed, black and white, righteous and wrong ...

I'd have laughed in his face.  My rancid, hot breath bringing sting to his eyes, as I leaned in to offend him.

The same way he nonchalantly offended me.

Jeff Glovsky (Photo By) - "(Lunar) New Year"
“Lunar (New Year)”, ©Jeff Glovsky